Reveal-Who Says A Hallway Can’t Be A Show Stopper? Spring 2020 One Room Challenge

It’s here!! Reveal day! First and foremost I want to say thank you to Linda from Calling It Home and our official media sponsors Better Homes and Gardens for pulling this awesome challenge together, year after year!

The One Room Challenge™, currently in its fifteenth season, is a biannual event every April and October. Each round, twenty design bloggers and hundreds of guest participants (like me) take the challenge and transform a space. Here is more information on the event.

If your wonder what I’m talking about start back at WEEK 1 of the spring One Room Challenge! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what this hallway used to look like! LOL 2 boob lights and a microphone…so underwhelming!


I won’t make you scroll through a ton of words, here’s the After!


We added this fun and sassy ceiling detail. We started with 1 inch wood panel pieces found at Lowe’s and placed them up on the ceiling in this grid pattern. I then painted it all Citronette by Behr found at Home Depot. I also put up this whimsical bee wallpaper I found on Wayfair. I just love how the bees play with the fun of this hallway.

We added so much character to this space! We added moulding to the ceiling, the doors, trim to the walls and baseboards. But let’s talk about the stunner of all stunners those Leopard padded doors! They are so gorgeous and I’m so glad I ran with the idea my sister gave me! The tutorial for the doors are HERE .

One of my Instagram friends had commented a few weeks ago how the hallway looked like a high end boutique hotel hallway. I totally ran with the idea and placed “room numbers” above all 6 doors down the hallway! It’s a fun little detail that really makes me smile when I walk to my room every night. I found the numbers on Amazon!

The art for this entire room I already owned. I only bought the mirror for $20 and the original floral for $8, both from thrift stores. Score!

$8 Thrifted Art
$20 Thrifted Mirror

The rug I found on Etsy at Turkish Kilims Rugs and I love how extra long it is! It adds so much more color and something unexpected to the space.

Last shoutout goes to my daughter for hand painting this piece of art(on the left) especially for my ORC space! She did a great job at incorporating color into it! Not bad for being 12!

It’s so bright and now this hallway matches the vibe in the rest of my home. Before I dreaded people walking down my hallway to get to the guest bathroom. Now, I not only love when they ask where the bathroom is, I can tell them it’s behind door number “5”. 😊

Thank you so much for following along and for your continued support! Come hang out with me @theeclectichaven on Instagram!

Thanks again,

💋 Misty

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