Getting So Close! Week 7 Spring One Room Challenge

Before we get into the juicy stuff I would like to thank Linda from Calling It Home for creating this challenge! It has made me finish projects that I’ve wanted to do for years. If you are new to the ORC start Here.


This week was all about trim work! We were able to install the black trim around the leopard doors, the trim under the wallpaper and the baseboards! We’re so close friends!

I think the doors turned out ridiculously cool! Here’s the quick tutorial. We started with measuring 5 1/2 inches from the sides, top and bottom of the doors. I wanted the space around the fabric to be the same for each door. 5 1/2 looked the best to me but you can go wider or more narrow depending on what look you’re going for.

The area in the center was 19 inches so I cut the batting to size. I used This batting from Walmart and it worked perfect.

Next, using the lines I drew around the door as a guide, I stapled the batting to the door. I used 5/6 inch staples and the are holding up well!

Stapling like a mad woman.

Next I cut my 54 inch wide leopard fabric from Ballard Designs in half. I wanted a certain pattern of the leopard showing, so instead of cutting my fabric to size I kept the fabric larger and tucked it behind itself. Using the same staples I stapled the leopard over the batting.

I started at the top center of the door, found the center of the fabric and put the fabric in place. I then went to the bottom, held the fabric taught and stapled away. I then went to the upper sides. Note: I would work from top to bottom with both the batting and fabric. It’s okay if there is batting showing a little on the sides, trim will hide a lot of inconsistencies. A lot! Lol

Onto trim. I used a 1 inch decorative trim from Lowe’s and painted it black to match the door.

Simple and pretty

We decided to do a 45 degree miter cut so the the corners looked more finished. We made sure the trim was straight and then used a nail gun to secure the trim in place. I still have to get black caulk to hide the corners that didn’t match perfectly but I love how the doors turned out!

Work in progress.

So, it was a productive week and next week, which I can not believe is reveal week! So please stay tuned for the final reveal!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

💋 Misty

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