Week 1 Spring One Room Challenge

Before we dig into my “unconventional” ORC space, I just want to say Thank you to Linda Weinstein at Calling It Home for not only creating the One Room challenge but also keeping all of our safety in the forefront and postponing the challenge a few weeks. Also, a huge thank you to our media partners Better Homes and Gardens!

This one room challenge already looks so different from last fall. We are allowed 8 weeks to finish our spaces as opposed to the normal 6 week deadline. To say I’m grateful for the extra time is an understatement! With social distancing and Covid-19, extra precautions are taking place and some of my items may not be here until after the final reveal. However, most of what I needed to start the ORC I had already purchased!

Let’s dive in shall we?! The room I’m doing is actually a hallway! Why am I doing a hallway for a One Room Challenge you ask? It’s a room so many of use and we just don’t treat it like the rest of our home! It’s a sometimes forgotten space we walk through to get to another room, a more beautiful and designed room. Well I’m here to shake things up and give meaning to and inspire hallways to become their own beautiful moments!

Let’s look at the sad before photos…

Hallway Before Looking into bedroom
Hallway looking into kitchen

It’s nothing short of boring and it needs a makeover. Our guests have to walk this entire hallway to get to our guest bathroom, that is why I want this hallway to get a facelift! It’s time! Since we have a few extra weeks come back next week for my plans and what I’ve got in store for this unconventional One Room Challenge space!

Thanks so much!

Misty 💋

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