Week 4 Spring One Room Challenge

This week has flown by so quickly yet every day has had something steal my attention away from my hallway. Before I dive in to the small progress I made this week…..I would first like to thank Linda from Calling It Home for creating this bi annual One Room Challenge . It’s given me perspective that if I put my mind into it, I can completely transform a room in under two months! Also to our official media sponsors, the one and only Better Homes and Gardens.

This week, my niece had a baby, there were some complications so that stole my attention. (Everyone is doing well now) I also got wrangled into helping my other niece paint her kitchen cabinets…..Every day had something that pulled my attention away from my project. I will have to make up for lost time this week for sure!

One thing I decided this week was to take out all of the old trim. I was going to leave it and just paint it but I would eventually replace it anyway. I personally love a thicker beefier baseboard so I’ll be replacing them with 6 inch high Base boards that have a little more personality.

You almost don’t even notice the baseboards

This adds to the overall cost of the project but it really is in the details. The new baseboards will really make a statement and make the room feel more grande.

I also was able to start painting the white on the lower 3/4 of the wall. I’ll be adding wallpaper to the top 1/4 of the wall so I stopped short of the ceiling. I used Valspar Ultra White Satin paint (from Lowe’s) It’s just one coat of white but look at how bright and fresh it looks! I’m always an advocate for the power of paint.

Dingy beige to bright white

That is my week 4 update! I have a lot of work to do this next week to catch up to be on schedule. I’ll be hanging wallpaper this week, giving the trim a fresh coat of paint and the doors will get painted! Follow along on Instagram stories for behind the scenes! Until then….thank you for hanging out with me!

💋 Misty

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