Week 3 Spring One Room Challenge

First and foremost, I will always be grateful for Linda and the One Room Challenge team for putting on this challenge! Thank you so much for organizing all things ORC!

Also a huge thank you to our official media sponsors Better Homes and Gardens

If you’re new here and have missed the last few weeks start back here at Week 1 and Week 2

This week was a very productive week! We were able to get the faux coffered ceiling up in the hallway. We started with small Lattice strips found at Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers. We bought the already primed ones to save on time and not having to prime the boards ourselves. We did the horizontal slats first, placing them every 18 inches.

Horizontal boards

We then did a chalk line to ensure that the middle portion of the lines were completely straight and in line with one another. I measured and made sure each slat was square.

Once all of the pieces were up, my husband caulked almost all of the squares. It was a daunting task but worth the time. Then came the fun part! The paint!

Citronette by Behr Home Depot

The color seems a little crazy, but let’s be real, I love color! This Citronette by Behr found at The Home Depot was the perfect shade of chartreuse. I chose a Semi-Gloss finish for this project so light can bounce around better. This green color is actually in the Smith Honig wallpaper I used recently in my living room.

I started with a 2 inch angle brush (which is my favorite paint brush) around all of the sides of the wood pieces. I then used a 6 inch roller for the raised pieces and the larger portions of the ceiling. I highly underestimated how sore and tired my shoulders and arms would be after painting the entire ceiling. Ouch! Lol

I didn’t tape off the walls because the wallpaper will cover the areas Closer to the ceiling. So, here it is! It’s pretty sassy and I’m loving it!

I am so happy with how this ceiling detail turned out! Come back next week for some more progress! Thanks so much for stopping by.

💋 Misty

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