Week 2 Spring 2020 One Room Challenge

Week two of the One Room Challenge has started off pretty strong! Before I get into my design plan and what we have been up too, I would first like to thank Linda from Calling It Home for creating this bi annual challenge. It’s given me perspective that if I put my mind into it, I can completely transform a room in just 6 weeks! Also to our media sponsors, the one and only Better Homes andGardens

Okay! Onto the design! You would think that a long boring hallway can’t be fun, but it can! With color and pattern this hallway is going to wow the naysayers!

Color and Pattern Galore

I’m adding this honeybee wallpaper from Wayfair to the upper portion of the hallway, adding this stripe rug and the rest, well you will just have to follow along!

We started this past week by addressing the lighting situation. This hallway has no windows for natural light and we only had two lights on either end. It was dark even with the lights on. Lol

Even with the lights on it’s dark

My husband spent a few hours in our attic so he’s still a little salty, but he does agree we needed the extra lights. We decided to go with these can lights from Lowe’s. NOT SPONSORED They’re a smaller diameter but still have quite a bit of glow. We ended up installing 4 on a dimmer switch and it makes such a huge difference already! Lighting truly is a game changer for any room.

After lighting

I hate to use the puny phrase, it’s like night and day, but it really is! This next week we are tackling the ceiling detail! You can always follow along on my Instagram stories for more behind the scenes throughout the week.

Thank you so much for your support! It means the world.

💋 Misty

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