Fresh Space February Week 3

I can’t believe it’s already week 3!! I have quite a bit to do still so I better get my act together!

I would like to thank my friend Tiffany @myeclecticnest for hosting this event!

This week I refreshed and restyled my bookshelves and I am loving how they turned out! Before wasn’t bad, they just looked tired and not as together as they did when I first styled them. There’s lots of color but I wanted to add in some black elements to warm up this area.

I started by taking everything off the shelves and giving it a good cleaning. I then added art to the back of a few shelves, then books and last the decor and pretty pieces to make it more interesting. The addition of the black books and art really bring the depth i was hoping for.

There’s still color but balanced with black. It feels fresh and also makes your eye travel around the room now.

The next thing I tackled this week is my curtains. I bought these fun fuchsia backdrop curtains on and they’re the perfect color and match my new wallpaper from Smith Honig! You can find the gorgeous wallpaper here.

I will let you in on a little secret….I do not sew. Lol I just don’t have the patience for it. So, I went to my local craft store and picked up some no sew tape.

I’ve used this project before on curtains and it holds up nicely. I decided that although the curtains are fun and flirty, they needed something else. I bought this cute stripe ribbon to add a little more sass. The tape is heat activated so I got out my trusty iron and went to work.

I laid the tape out first and positioned it about an inch and a half away from the edge. I wanted a little fuchsia on either side of the stripe. I heated that in place, and then laid out my ribbon overtop of the tape to decide where I wanted the stripe ribbon to fall on the panel.

I peeled back the tape so the sticky part was facing me and then pressed the iron over the ribbon and it adhered like magic! I love how the stripe trim just adds a little more pizzazz!

It’s the perfect addition to the already feisty curtains!

We decided to push back the reveal one week so we will reveal all of our rooms Thursday, March 5th! Stay tuned and see what we do next week!

Thanks for stopping by! Please go check out my awesome friends spaces! Also, a huge thank you to our cool sponsors!

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