One Room Challenge Fall 2019 Week 6

The final Reveal is here!!! Thank you for following along on this journey. I have had so much fun doing this event. Again, I would like to thank Linda from Calling It Home for orchestrating this awesome event. For information on the ORC and the official rules click Here.

The One Room Challenge™, currently in its fourteenth season, is a biannual event every April and October. Each round, twenty design bloggers and hundreds of guest participants (like me) take the challenge and transform a space.

If you’ve missed some details you can go back and read my last 5 blog posts about this office makeover.

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It all started with a plan and a mood board. Let’s look back at how this room looked just a few short weeks ago!


I won’t tease you any longer!



The wallpaper from Graham and Brown is a show stopper! The colors are so vibrant and exhilarating! I had so many color options to go with for an accent wall but ultimately decided on Orchid by Valspar for Lowe’s. It’s bold enough to grab your attention and not just be a backdrop for the wallpaper. The accessories really make this office pop up and say hey! The acid green next to the Orchid color is kismet!

The Cabinets and Butcher Block

I know my strengths and weaknesses. Building anything from scratch is definitely a weakness. Instead, we bought this cute lower cabinet from Walmart online (this one) and added these drawer knobs to spice it up from Wayfair. The two upper cabinets (here) started life out pretty boring, so I had Lowe’s color match the lower cabinet and painted them to match. I added the same hardware as the lower cabinet and decided the inside needed some fun and used left over peel and stick wallpaper from a previous project!

The butcher block we chose is from Menards! I wanted a more seamless desk and knew butcher block would be a really great option and less expensive than marble or quartz. I feel like the deep brown balances all of the color and grounds the room.


I love these prism Brackets from Amazon! I potted them while scrolling for something more ornate and vintage looking. I stopped and ordered them immediately. I’m so pleased with the quality and the unique design!

The Chair

I knew I wanted an unconventional desk chair. Enter another thrifted find. This chair was $5.99! I scooped it up and called my upholsterer immediately. I knew I needed leopard in this room and the chair was a perfect spot to add it! Leopard is a neutral in my life.

The rugs

The Pink fur rug from Amazon was going to be the only rug in the room, but when I started adding in all the details the rug got lost. So I went onto Etsy yet again and found this gorgeous vintage rug from a supplier in Turkey. The colors were made for this office. It added a layer that I didn’t realize I needed.

The Art

The art that Sarah from SavingSarahGrace (gifted) gave me is this quirky mixed media bird and flower print and I love it! It really tied the orchid and green together perfectly!

The Ship art I first found when I was looking for art for a clients space. The ship is actually printed on an old dictionary page! It’s the coolest! I loved the idea of the vintage feel of it, especially in the beautiful gold frame from Hobby Lobby!

The girl was a thrifted piece that I painted over.

The watercolors and black squiggles I painted myself. Nothing special but it only cost me a total of $5! You can’t beat that!


The rams head is one of the most interesting finds I have ever thrifted! I spray painted it this Citrus green color as well as some thrifted books and thrifted frame. It’s bold hue jumps out against the Orchid color.

The decorated boxes were TJMaxx finds! I have a real affinity for black and white stripes, and they play nice with all of the other black accessories in the room.

The yellow chalice was gifted from Kim from Lulu and Olive Vintage and it’s perfect for scissors and pens!

The Gold clock is a Target find I have wanted since my sister bought one for her home. It’s so versatile and it will help to keep track of all the hours I plan on hanging out in my new office!

The large gold frame I found on a local swap site. It’s ginormous and ways a ton! I’m smithed with it! The lady sold it to me for twenty dollars! Twenty!


The vintage light I found from Lowe’s Home Improvement reminds me of an old gas lit street light from years past. It’s vintage feel is just what I imagined for this office!

The drama queen of a door and original art by Peter Slade

Would you believe me if I told you this door was free?! Someone was throwing it away so my husband snatched it up knowing we needed a door for my office! It doesn’t match any of my other doors in my home and that’s why I kind of love it!

The art by Peter Slade was a total impulse buy! This is painted, not a photograph of gum-balls in a ball jar! He’s a very talented artist! If you’ve never visited his site I encourage you to! The images he paints look so real!

Sidebar: I love chewing gum! I can chew on the same piece of gum for hours. I like the idea that now gum is always close by.

The door hardware is from an independent seller on Etsy. It’s brass, simple and perfect!

(This is something similar.)

The faux fiddle leaf Fig I bought with my living room in mind. I’ve wanted one for a while but knew I would kill a live one. It ended up in my office. I guess I’ll have to buy another one for the living room.

Whew! That’s it! That’s a wrap and my hands hurt from typing.

Thank you so much for following along on this crazy, fun and absolutely bumpy ride! I’ve had a blast participating and now I get to enjoy this finished room!