One Room Challenge Week 4

We are on a roll! We have been making steady progress on this One Room Challenge Office space! There is happiness at the end of all of the chaos and crazy!

If you’re new to The One Room Challenge THIS will explain everything!

To sum it up, the One Room Challenge is a biannual event in which you have just six weeks to complete a room. There are twenty feature designers and hundreds of guest participants, like me!

I will give you a small glimpse into where we started, but if you would like to read about it and see the real before pictures, I encourage you to read about it in these posts!

WEEK 1 / WEEK 2 / WEEK 3

This picture was taken only a few short weeks ago! I still can’t believe in just 2 weeks we will have a complete and functional office!

This week we were able to stain the butcher block, which creates the desk area, install a dresser for drawers, hang both cabinets and put in the baseboards!

I also needed to build up the top of the cabinets so they look more custom. There was roughly 6 inches of unusable space above the cabinets before the ceiling. So I cut some extra wood pieces and made it flush and painted the boards to match the cabinets.

You can see that the sides of the cabinets were unfinished and at this angle you can also see the top space that needed to be filled in.

I can say I did this all on my own! It looks so much better now and this area is finally read for crown moulding!

This week we’re putting up the crown moulding, hanging shelves, touching up all the paint, painting the door to the room, and continuing to gather art and office supplies I’ll need to complete this baby!

Thank you so much for following along!



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