One Room Challenge Fall 2019 Week 1

I am so excited to be a guest participant this year for the Fall One Room Challenge! I know this is going to sound so lame but I have wanted to do an ORC for a few years now. I had always thought that you needed 10k followers (or more) on Instagram and a huge successful blog to participate. Well I was so wrong! The ORC allows guest participants to do the challenge in the same time frame just on a different day, also, I do not have to have a gazillion followers and friends to be able to do it!

Without further ado, I have decided to make an office space out of an underutilized hallway in our home! It’s going to be a tight 7 feet by 5 feet space with a ton of personality! Let me first show you the gruesome before photos and kind of get you up to speed on this first week!

This area has always been a cluster of junk since we moved into our home 9 years ago. So, we’re creating an office is this tiny little space. It’s going to be full of storage and function so much better as an office. The real reason I want a separate office is because my husband has taken over a section in my pantry as his makeshift office and I want to reclaim that space back! So here’s the plan!

The background is wallpaper from Graham and Brown and this may be a shocker to my friends….it’s primary color is blue! I’m not a huge fan of blue so I will be highlighting the pink and greens throughout the rest of the room! Of course there’s leopard going in and some fun vintage pieces as well to balance all of the modern-ness of the wallpaper.

My to do list is long!

We started demo and initial construction to the room a few weeks ago because I am so scared I won’t finish in the time allotted. This is where the room is now.

This week I’m hoping to finish all the drywall, which includes mudding and sanding everything. If ambition kicks us in the butt I would also love to get the lighting done! That’s a long list though so don’t hold me to the lighting! 😝 I hope you follow along on this journey and the next crazy 5 weeks!

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Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!

💋 Misty


1. Lighting2. Dresser3. Upper Cabinet4. Drawer knobs5. Leopard Fabric6. Fur Rug7. Floral Head 8. Color-Peruvian Pom Pom by Lowe’s 9. Color-Pressed Glass by Pratt and Lambert


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